Levans' workshop

Experiments and thoughts about Machine Learning, Rust, and other stuff...


Thu 02 November 2017
Some thoughts on the objective functions of GANs
Thu 26 October 2017
Smithay is Live
Sun 15 January 2017
Why I love Rust
Tue 27 September 2016
Wayland libs 0.7, and a 3rd rewrite
Mon 30 November 2015
Using Wayland from Rust, Part 1
Mon 12 October 2015
Booter gentoo sur un Banana Pi-R1
Tue 22 September 2015
Wayland presentation at Paris Rust Meetup
Thu 10 September 2015
Monitorer ses machines avec collectd et grafana
Mon 29 June 2015
Les emprunts et les durées de vies en Rust
Sun 31 May 2015
Pseudo-héritage en Rust avec Deref